Drop Everything & Dance Studio Competative Team 



The vision and purpose of our Competition teams is to focus on the art of dance by building strong technical skills and strengthening their dance performance to become a serious more intense dancer. D.E.D.’s goal is to train each individual dancer to become technically advanced in a team atmosphere and to perform in a competitive dance world.


Performing as a team will allow each dancer to learn how to compete as a competitive group and get along with their peers as well as growing relationships with other competitive team dancers. Winning a trophy and finishing in 1st place is a wonderful accomplishment, but learning how to graciously take second or third and supporting other teams is a success!


Being able to do well in school and to perform at your highest level takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. Our coaches will challenge the dancer’s abilities, create challenging performances and build self esteem. The dancer will give 110% each and every class and practice to become a strong and beautiful dancer.

Competition Package Options:
The parents and dancers have to option to chose their level of commitment. DED Offers seven different  

Mini Company( ages 4 - 5) 

Cutie Patootie’s Company ( ages 5-7 ) 

Dream Team Company ( ages 6-10 )

Pre-Company  ( ages 7 & up ) 

Three of our programs include 5-6 hours per week of technique practice

Parents and dancers may choose to be an Inspired Dancer, Intense Dancer or the Ultimate dancer. Each dancer will qualify in groups by their level of experience, technical strength, endurance as well as commitment and dedication.