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We offer a vast selection of classes for every dancer. 

  Please review our class list for ages 2 to adult; we are sure that you’ll find a class that meets your interest!

10 Month Recital

At D.E.D. our 10 month dance sessions begin for dancers at the age of 3 years to adult. Dance classes begin in September and end in June. Class consists of dance technical training and a dance performance that is age appropriate. Class length is either; 30 min, 45 min or 60 minutes long, based on the age of the dancer and class is held once a week. Students in these classes require a costume and perform their dance routine in a June recital. Check us out on Facebook also!

Competition Teams

Requires dedicated and committed dance students and families. Competition dancers are serious dancers who strive to be the best in the dance world. Dancers will compete against other studio's in regional competitions. Hours of technical training and dance performance is expected. Our competition teams compete in every form of dance. These teams form once a year, practice multiple times per week and compete throughout the dance season. Auditions and try-outs are required and are conducted in June. Our competition teams also perform in our annual recital as well as other venues like parades and at major sporting events. Check us out on Facebook also!


This is a 10 month instructional class that consists of a higher level of dance training. This level of dance is for those dancers excelling in dance that may want to prepare for competition or at a higher level of performance. The dancer will be evaluated in order to be allowed to attend and must be enrolled in a Ballet class. The dancer must attend one of the studio's competitions. Pre-Company/Competition classes perform in the annual recital.

Tots on the Move

Drop Everything & Dance Studio offers a dance class for toddlers between the ages of 2 1/2 years to 4 years of age. This class helps develop small and large motor skills, balance and the beginnings of dance preparation for the young child. The class is 30 minutes long and is held once a week. Each session is one month long and is held continually throughout the dance season. These classes do not require a costume and do not participate in the annual recital. Check us out on Facebook also!

Intro to Dance - 6 Week Session

Through months Jan - April/May. This class is designed for any child who would like to prepare or experiment with a form of dance. Classes are designed for the dancer ages 3 to 11 years old. Classes are 30 or 45 minutes long and are held once a week for a six week session. The classes cover a number of dance styles throughout each session; Ballet, Jazz and Pom are generally covered. Sessions begin in September and are held continually throughout the dance season. These classes do not require a costume and do not participate in the recital.

Chesterfield Parks & Recreation

Drop Everything & Dance Studio is happy to partner up with Chesterfield Township Park & Rec to provide dance classes for all ages. Please contact the Chesterfield Township offices regarding information on how to register for Fall 2021 classes at 586-949-0400.

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