D.E.D. Studio Safe Environment Information & Protocols

How My Dancer Can Stay Safe & Healthy while Dancing

D.E.D. Studio Protocol and Guidelines for Dancers and Families:

During this time of the unknown and how we maneuver to get back into a new normal will take time, patience, education, compassion and respect for all who attend Drop Everything & Dance Studio.

Please respect the studio’s protocols and guidelines as we Move Forward with Loving Care.

Our studio protocol is with the knowledge and guidance from the White House, the CDC, State and local governing bodies, Dr. Steven Karageanes, DO, FAOASM-Director of Sports Medicine Education and Professor at Wayne State, Dance Studio Owners Across the Nation, Dance/USATask Force on Dance Health, The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and what I am establishing within my own Dance House for a safe and healthy return.

**Please review these guidelines with your dancer/s before entering the building. These protocols will stay in place until further notice.**

Step 1: Entering the Building: IMPORTANT WHILE ENTERING:

At this time or until further notice!

a. Dancers will get dropped off at the front door unless they are my Tots or our little dancers.

b. Tots and Little dancer’s ages 21/2 thru 6 yrs old can be accompanied into the building with a parent.

c. If my lobby exceeds more than 10 people at any time Ms. Pam will ask Parents to wait in their cars. Only 10 parents in the lobby area at this time.

d. Dancers must wear a mask into the building and classroom until further notice.

e. Thermometer/Temperature: Ms. Pam has purchased a non-invasive thermometer to use when necessary. Due to summer or winter temperatures in and out of the car or dancing in a classroom, I will address temperatures when appropriate. The CDC and state temperature guideline is 100.4. This will be my guide.

f. Sanitation Station: Available with sanitizer, thermometer and masks available.

g. Only bring into the studio what you need for class: **Street Shoes Off and put in Lobby’s designated area** h. **NO Phones in classrooms or hallways until further notice. Keep phone in your car or dance bag! All will stay in the Lobby at this time!**NAMES ON EVERYTHING **

Safe/Social Distancing:

We will all use Kindness and Manors as we begin our journey back into the studio classrooms. Please respect everyone’s personal space! I have always addressed this to my dancers, “This is my Space” and that is “Your Space” …Now it is called..Social Distancing!

Step 2: Heading to class:

Please use distance signs on the floor!


1. A teacher will meet dancers in the lobby on the designated floor spaces or dancers will be instructed to proceed right to class after the sanitation station. Please understand we only have so much room per square feet / per room / per hallway/ per classroom. We will do our very best and I will continue to monitor and make changes as we move forward.

2. Transitioning of classrooms: Parents please be patient while we begin a few minutes earlier, later or right on time! Our teachers will use my classroom release times and hallway pass times to get everyone in and out of the classroom safely.

3. Our teachers will escort the little dancers to their parent in the lobby or at the exit door where a parent will be waiting. **A parent needs to be prepared for pick-up 5 minutes before the dancers release time. Lobby or exiting door.**

Step 3: Hallways:

Keeping the Hallways open for dancers to pass from classroom to classroom. Passing times will be directed and respected by each teacher and their classroom. Each class release time will vary.

Step 4: In-Classroom:

The dancers will enter the classroom with their proper shoes. Once they have entered the classroom they will stand on an X that is distanced 6 ft apart. Once everyone is in the room attendance will be taken and the dancers may choose to take their mask off. This will be under the guidance of the teacher, Ms. Pam and the Parents direction. Please talk to your dancer ahead of time..Yes they will wear it in class or No they do not have to. Parent’s responsibility.

Step 5: Leaving the building:

All dancers will be released by 2min, 3 min and 5 min intervals and EXIT out the NEW EXIT DOOR in the Lobby. Please do not forget your dance bag and personals while EXITING!

Overview of procedures:

1. STOP: Please read all signs as you enter the building.

2. STOP: When entering the studio a Face Mask must be worn until further notice.

3. STOP @ the Sanitation Station for a squirt of Sanitizer before heading to class.

4. STOP: A non-invasive temperature check is available. 5. Lobby Area: Street shoes and dance bags will be left in the designated area.

6. Floor signs: Please use the floor distancing signs.

7. Classroom Passing time: Established

8. Classroom Distancing: X Marks dancers spot with distancing requirements in each classroom.

9. Dancers class items they must bring.

   a. Water bottle with name on it.

   b. Dance shoes

   c. Own sanitizer bottle recommended

10. In the Classroom: Sanitizer and Kleenex available.


12. NO PHONES IN HALLWAYS: Please keep all phones in dance bags in the lobby.



15. Viewing: will only be done in the Lobby at this time!

16. Lobby attendance: Due to safe distancing guidelines only a few chairs will be available for parents in our lobby. Parents please wait in your car unless there is seating in the lobby.

17. Tots: Please take a seat in the lobby if chairs are available. Hallway will not be open at this time.

18. Snacks: Please put snacks in dancer’s bag. If a dancer has a break they will have to sit in the lobby or sit in their parent’s car.

19. Dancer Breaks: Lobby, car or Bellacino’s if available!

20. Exit: New Exit Door

Parents we need your help!

We can only do so much to keep our studio clean and healthy but with everyone’s help and support we will be able to continue in a healthy and clean environment.

Safety & Hygiene:

1. Thermometer checks: Until further notice my staff will receive thermometer checks before entering the classroom. Only staff

2. Dancers Own Mask: Dancers will be entering the building and the classroom wearing a mask. At that time it is up to the parent, dancer, Ms. Pam and possibly the teacher if the dancer needs to wear his/her mask while dancing. If it restricts the dancer’s ability and/or health within the classroom it will be addressed at that time. 3. Avoid touching face

4. Hand Washing: Please wash hands before and after class or Hand sanitizer is available in the classroom.

5. Dancers are to bring in their own sanitizer travel bottle.

6. Sneeze or cough into arm or elbow: parents please work with your child to ensure good hygiene.

7. Water Bottles: Dancer must bring their own water bottle with their name on it. Water bottles will be available to purchase.

8. Water Fountains: Will be closed until further notice.

9. Bathrooms: Bathrooms will be cleaned and monitored regularly/ but when children have to go, they have to go.

10. Ballet Barres: They will be wiped down after each class.

11. Floors: Cleaned each night after class

12. Classrooms: X Marks the dancers Spot / distance guidelines

Studio Parents & Dancers, Together we can create a healthy and safe environment for all of our dancers and families with a lot of love, care, kindness and a little distance while we get back to what we love ….DANCE!

-Ms. Pam

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